by Alina Adams

Craig Heath competed on the Senior Level at the US Nationals from 1988 to 1993.

“1993 was my last Nationals, in Phoenix,” remembers Craig. “In 1992, I was 6th in Senior Men and that was a great accomplishment for me, especially after overcoming a very serious knee surgery that kept me off the ice and in recovery for five months. That could have ended my career entirely. I knew in my heart that 6th was probably the highest I was ever going to be. I loved skating, but I didn’t love all the jumping. I wanted to skate, but in a different way. I was not sure how that was going to happen, but a very memorable conversation between my father and my choreographer, Cindy Stuart, prompted me to search for another way to continue to skate and perform.”

Craig did leave the amateur scene with one major title, the 1991 Men’s Figure Champion. But the title he claims means the most to him, is one that came in 1998.For the entire article, please go to