Craig Heath

Hometown: Mill Valley, California, United States, Sun Valley, Idaho, USA
Height: 5’7″

Years as Professional: 23
Current Show: Sun Valley Summer Shows

Competitive History:

  • 2011 ProSkaters Virtual Skate Off Men’s Silver Medalistcraigprofile
  • 2009 ProSkaters Virtual Skateoff Men’s ‘Life’s Best Performance’- Bronze Medalist
  • 2009 Proskaters Virtual Skateoff Production number ensemble choreography “life’s best” performance- Silver Medalist
  • Current American Open Bronze Medalist
  • 2001 American Open Professional Championships – Bronze Medalist
  • 2000 American Open Professional Championships – Silver Medalist
  • 1998 World Professional – Bronze Medalist
  • 1994 Dorothy Hamill International Crown Championships – Champion
  • 1994 US Open Challenge Cup – Silver Medalist
  • 1994 US Open Master Cup – 5th Place

Competitions/Titles – Eligible

  • Four Time Gold Medalist – American/Canadian
  • 1993 World University Games Poland – 4th
  • 1992 NHK Trophy Japan – 11th
  • 1992 US Nationals Championship Men – 6th
  • 1991 NHK Trophy Japan – 8th
  • 1991 World University Games Japan – 10th
  • 1991 US Nationals Championship
  • Mens Figures – 1st
  • 1990 US Olympic Festival – 4th
  • 1990 Skate America International – 5th
  • 1990 Skate Electric England – 1st
  • 1990 US Nationals Championship Men – 6th
  • 1989 Golden Spin of Zagreb, Yugoslavia – 2nd
  • 1989 US Olympic Festival – 4th
  • 1989 World University Games Bulgaria – 4th
  • 1989 US Nationals Championship Men – 10th
  • 1988 US Nationals Championship Men – 14th
  • 1987 Vienna Cup International Austria – 4th
  • 1987 US Nationals Junior Men – 3rd

Previous Professional Engagements


  • 1997-2015 “Summer Show Series”, Guest Soloist, Sun Valley, Idaho
  • 2006-2015 Teaching and performing in Hong Kong for Swire Properties
  • 2002-2006 Holiday on Ice “Hollywood” – Principal Soloist, Tour of Europe
  • 2003 Royal Caribbean’s “Adventure of the Seas” Cruise ship- “Cool Art…Hot Ice” – Principal Soloist
  • 2002 Royal Caribbean’s “Explore of the Seas” Cruise Ship – “Planet Ice” – Principal Soloist
  • 1996-2002 Feld Entertainment’s Production of Disney on Ice – Toy Story, Principal Soloist, Skating the role of Andy and Sid
  • 2001-2002 “Jackson on Ice” Guest Star, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • 2001 “Celebration on Ice” Principal Soloist, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • 2000 Leukemia Foundation Show, Guest Star – Boston, Massachusetts
  • 1999 “Nancy Kerrigan’s Halloween on Ice” Principal Soloist, 8 City Tour
  • 1999 “Coronation Holiday Ice Spectacular” Guest Star, Lake Placid, New York
  • 1998 “‘Tis the Season” Principal Soloist, Santa Rosa, California
  • 1997 “Go for the Gold” Guest Soloist, Lake Arrowhead, California
  • 1996 “Blockbusters” Principal Soloist, Paramount’s Great America, Santa Clara, CA
  • 1995 “Christmas Magic” Principal Soloist, Santa Rosa, CA
  • 1995 Dorothy Hamill Ice Centers, Principal Soloist, Promotional Exhibition
  • 1995 “Gershwin on Ice” Au-Rene Theater, Principal Soloist, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • 1995 “Celebration on Ice” Principal Soloist, Colorado State Fair, CO
  • 1995 “Legends on Ice” Principal Soloist, Paramount’s King’s Dominion, Richmond, VA
  • 1995 “Follies on Ice” Principal Soloist, Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA
  • 1995 “Hollywood Live on Ice” Principal Soloist, Busch Gardens, Tampa, Florida
  • 1995 “Skate Rattle and Roll” Principal Soloist, Dade County Fair, Miami, Florida
  • 1995 “Magic Trip to America” Principal Soloist, Moscow, Russia
  • 1994 “Paramount on Ice” Principal Soloist, Paramount’s Great America, Santa Clara, CA
  • 1994 “Cinderella Frozen in Time” Dorothy Hamill’s Ice Capades, stage show
  • Featured Skater, Branson, Missouri
  • 1993-94 Tour, Featured in Dorothy Hamill’s Ice Capades, “Cinderella Frozen in Time”
  • 1993 “Celebration on Ice” Principal Soloist, Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA

Represented by:


Jeanne Martin
Mentor Marketing & Management
5610 Town Center Drive #5
Granger, Indiana 46530
Fax: 574-272-2208


  • Nutrasweet Giving it 100% Award, 1990 US National Championships
  • Mr. Congeniality Award, 2002 Disney on Ice – Toy Story
  • Most Professional Principal Skater Award – 1997 Disney on Ice – Toy Story
  • Most Professional Smile On and Off the Ice Award, 1997 Disney on Ice – Toy Story
  • Perfect Attendance Award, 1997 Disney on Ice – Toy Story
  • Most Enthusiastic Award, 1997 American Open Pro Competition
  • Recipient of the Professional Figure Skaters Cooperative (PFSC), Inaugural Inspiration Award for Category for Star of Tomorrow – 1998 American Open Professional Competition


  • 1993-1994 John Curry Style Ice Class under the direction of Tim Murphy and Nathan Birch
  • 1989-92 US Olympic Committee Elite Athlete Sports Training Camp
  • 1988-94 Studied Jazz Dance and fundamentals of training, under the direction of Joey Sheck
  • 1989-91 Eric Morris Actor’s Workshop
  • 1988 Anthony Robbins’ Unlimited Power Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification Course

Produced and Directed:

  • 2001 It’s in Every One of US – an ensemble number with the entire cast of Disney on Ice – Toy Story that was performed twice to crowds of 8000 people
  • 1994 Power on Ice – Sun Valley, Idaho
  • 1990 Skating Vogue – Video for MTV

Television Broadcasts:


  • US Comcast Cable – American Open Pro
  • US – CBS Sports Skate America
  • US – ESPN Olympic Festival
  • UK – BBC – Skate Electric
  • Yugoslavia – Golden Spin of Zagreb
  • Japan – NHK – NHK International
  • Japan – World University Games
  • Bulgaria – World University Games
  • Poland – World University Games
  • Spain – World Pro Championships
  • Eurosport – World Pro Championships
  • ABC Sports – Production Assistant –
  • 1996 US Nationals

Interesting Media Information:

  • I am a National, International and Professional Champion
  • I have competed worldwide and starred in Ice Shows worldwide.
  • Two-time American Open Silver Medalist
  • American Open Bronze Medalist
  • World Professional Bronze Medalist

Additional Facts About Craig

  • Craig is the President of ProSkaters ( a Not-for-profit organization that strives to promote Professional Figure Skating worldwide. ProSkaters has members such as Brian Boitano and Kristi Yamaguchi and also many skaters that you would know and some that you would not. By working together, they hope to create a larger for voice for Pro Skating.
  • Craig was the Assistant Choreographer to Barry Lather for Feld Entertainment’s Disney’s Jungle Adventures on Ice. Two separate versions of the show were created and they traveled the world for 3 years.
  • In 2001, Craig choreographed a number for Olympic Silver Medalist Liz Manley to Madonna’s “Music”
  • He has been teaching my own version of an “Ice Class” since 1995
  • There have been numerous articles and interviews about Craig. Please contact his manager, Jeanne Martin if you would like copies.
  • International Figure Skating Magazine has done several articles about Craig as well as Blades Magazine and American Skating World.
  • He has received the perfect 10 mark for his spins in the last 4 Pro Competitions that he have been in. Craig always strives to improve his technical ability and as Frank Carroll would tell him,
  • “Spin your brains out, Craig”
  • He is also famous for completing 10 double axels in a row for many performances of Disney’s Toy Story on Ice.
  • He is a Vegan Vegetarian.
  • Craig owns 3 homes. One of them is in Mill Valley, California (just outside San Francisco) another one is in Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii and the other is in Sun Valley, Idaho.
  • Craig spends most of the year traveling around the world. In 2001, he was away from home 315 days, in 2002, he was away 343 days and in 2003, he was away 336 days.
  • I was the Assistant Choreographer to Barry Lather for Feld Entertainment’s Disney’s Jungle Adventures on Ice. We created two separate versions of the show that have been traveling the world for the past 3 years.