Breaking in New Skates?

I have just been enlightened to a wonderful way to break in new skates and I wanted everyone to know about it. It is very simple and VERY effective. In fact, it is the best way I have ever found.

Ingredients: 2 plastic bags (small garbage or grocery type bags will work)

Put the bags over your socks and any other pads that you might wear and then put them into your skates. Don’t worry about the extra part of the bag that is sticking out of the top of your boot. Simply shove the excess into your skate but leave a little bit sticking out the top.
This technique will stop all the friction that you would normally encounter when breaking in new skates. Your foot is able to move without getting sores or blisters.
It is recommended to wear the bags in your skates for approximately 2-3 weeks.
Seriously, this is the best and most comfortable way I have ever used to break in my skates.