Memories of Brian Wright

Brian Wright touched the lives of so many people with his compassion, courage and
humor. Some might call him a genius. I certainly would. He was an inspiration to
many people, including me. Last summer I spent a week in Sun Valley, Idaho with
Brian. I flew him there to choreograph two new routines for me and also to just
visit and have fun. We accomplished all of that and more. Not only did I end up
with two of my best routines to date, but Brian and I had many, many laughs
together. Brian wrote an article about his experience last summer that was
featured in two previous PFSC Newsletters. He had many realizations during his
week in Sun Valley and he wanted to share it with everyone. That is pure “Brian.”
He was always thinking of others, even in the midst of his pain and suffering.
Stephanee Grosscup, his “wife,” spoke with him a few months ago and she
promised him that he would leave this planet laughing. That was her promise to
him. So, on the eve of his death, she called many of his friends and told us to
think about funny Brian Wright stories so that he could feel our laughter from his
coma. I have so many funny stories of Brian that made me laugh all day long. I
want to share a few so that you can laugh too. I am sure he would appreciate it.

  1. When I was working on the PFSC Professional Skating Magazine I was looking
    everywhere for photo’s of him. Nobody that I contacted had any that were
    fitting…except Stephanee Grosscup. She had quite a few. Not thinking much
    about it, I took a few from her house that I was going to put in the magazine and
    then send back to her. The magazine came out and I talked to Brian. He was not
    very amused with the photo’s that I picked! One of them showed him in a leopard
    top that showed his nipple and another showed him in bed with a cat! I thought
    that was so funny and we laughed our heads off!
  2. Scott Williams, Brian and I went on a road trip from Los Angeles to San Diego
    to see one of Scott’s students perform in Champions on Ice. During the trip, Scott
    was driving like a typical testosterone filled male and Brian and I were screaming
    like children the whole time. When we arrived at the arena, Scott had to go in for
    the rehearsals and Brian and I didn’t want to get out of the car in fear of having to
    talk “small talk” to people. So, we sat in the car and whenever someone we knew
    walked by, we ducked and giggled. We thought that was so funny. Then, Danny
    Kwan (Michelle’s Dad) spotted us and came over to the car so we had to make up
    a story as to why we were hiding! I can’t quite remember what Brian told Danny,
    but we laughed for an hour about it!
  3. Last summer in Sun Valley, Brian decided to rip apart all of my skating
    magazines and to make funny pictures out of all the photo’s. He would draw
    things all over the photo’s and write funny captions. Then, he started making a
    collage on the wall. Let’s just say that not many skaters were spared and that
    anyone who saw it was either laughing or screaming!

My Brian Wright memories will live forever. I think of him every time I skate as he gave my skating a whole new dimension. I will be performing “Brian Wright” numbers for the rest of my career. I am honored to have known him and even more to have worked with him.

Brian inspires us all to keep professional skating alive. His beautiful and intricate routines will live forever in our hearts.

Craig Heath