Sasha Cohen – Art on Ice

From Callback Newspaper.

Sasha Cohen is one of the worlds most dynamic and creative skaters to date. At the young age of 19, she already has a World Silver Medal, a Grand Prix Final Championship and a US National Silver Medal under her belt. Originally from Southern California, Sasha now resides in New York City, where she trains with coach Robin Wagner, the same coach helped Sarah Hughes earn Olympic Gold in Salt Lake City. Sasha has some of the most unique and flexible spins in the world, not to mention precision perfect jumps. I recently sat down to chat with Sasha in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Craig: When I watch you skate, I see an extremely professional skater. What made you concentrate on all of the details that many other skaters neglect to focus on?

Sasha: I am a perfectionist. If my program is not right, I will put the music on and do it over and over again, until it is just right. When I was young I did gymnastics, so I had to concentrate on my flexibility all the time. My mother always stretched me too. I was also very inspired by watching Nicole Bobek do her spirals.

Craig: I know that you grew up in Los Angeles and just recently moved to the East Coast. What inspired you to make such a dramatic change?

Sasha: Coaching. I first moved to Connecticut to train with Tatiana Tarasova and then I moved to New York to train with Robin Wagner.

Craig: Do you like living on the East Coast? Do you miss California?

Sasha: I really miss California during the winter, but I absolutely love New York City.

Craig: What was your first Olympic Experience (in Salt Lake City) like for you?

Sasha: The opening ceremonies were amazing. I really liked competing with other athletes (not just ice skaters). I also enjoyed the huge amount of attention that the world gives to the Olympics.

Craig: You are such a flexible skater. Do you take dance classes? Pilates? Yoga?

Sasha: I used to do Pilates and now I just stretch everyday. When I was younger I did ballet and I would like to take dance classes again.

Craig: Do you think that you will turn Professional someday?

Sasha: Eventually I will turn Pro. I want to compete as long as I am physically able.

Craig: Describe your perfect day.

Sasha: A perfect Cappuccino, a walk around NYC with friends and family, a massage/spa treatment, a shopping spree, then a great dinner with friends or family.

Craig: What are your goals in skating? Life?

Sasha: In life, my goals are to be happy and to accomplish as much as I can to challenge myself. In skating, I want to be the best that I can be; to put out perfect performances and to see how long I can skate while continuing to improve in this sport.

Craig: What is your absolutely favorite element to do in skating?

Sasha: A super fast scratch spin.

Craig: This is my last and favorite question to ask. What is the funniest or most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

Sasha: I had a five minute warm up at a competition and I had to run to the bathroom in the middle of it. Everyone was wondering where I was going as I was running off the ice!

Craig: Thank you Sasha. I will continue to watch you work your magic on the ice and inspire people all over the world.